Sifu Neil

Chief Instructor
6th Practitioner Grade

Sifu Neil has trained in Wing Chun for over 25 years; experienced in both traditional and the Leung Ting systems, with multiple belts in other arts and wide-ranging experience in all aspects of self-defence and self-protection.

Sifu Neil created 1066 Wing Chun Schools as a hub for practical self-defence and Wing Chun training for the 1066 Country area. With a full-time school and HQ in Hastings and satellite schools in Eastbourne and Bexhill.

“Martial arts training should be fun and accessible to all, so we aim to keep the costs as low as we can and offer as much as we can at the highest possible standard. However, a fun and relaxed atmosphere is always our highest priority to make students feel welcome and at ease.”

Sifu Andy

Senior Instructor & Technical Advisor
5th Practitioner Grade

Where to start? Sifu Andy has trained for 20 years having also trained in Lau Gar. He is one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable instructors on the team.

Nicknamed ‘Professor’, he has a degree in Philosophy and Maths and is also in the final stages of a degree in Astronomy. Sifu Andy is the Wing Chun hard-drive of the team and helps to remind everyone there is always more to learn.

Simo Sarah

Senior Instructor
5th Practitioner Grade

Simo Sarah has been training in martial arts for over 15 years, starting with Krav Maga and personal safety then learning the W.A.S.P system and becoming a private student of Sifu Neil before finally joining the school as a Wing Chun student and working her way up to the Senior Instructor Team.

Simo Sarah is also a Yoga teacher and active environmentalist with a degree in Environmental Science and currently studying for a Marine Biology Degree. With level 3s and 4s in a multitude of other subjects including to name just a few; teaching/coaching, nutrition, personal safety, Fitness & Health, defensive driving, self-protection, veterinary nursing, animal handling and wildlife care.

Simo Sarah is driven to help people and animals protect themselves and improve their lives and to make the world a better place. She works extremely hard supporting and advising the young girls at the school and is a strong role model for empowerment.


Kids Instructor
4th Technician Grade

James has been a student of 1066 Wing Chun Schools since he was four years old and has trained for over 14 years. An active gym-goer, semi-professional archer and free runner it’s hard to find James sitting still.

James is a popular member of the team who is a role model for the younger kids aspiring to join the Teenage and Adults classes and avidly promotes Wing Chun, fitness, and a healthy, active lifestyle.


3rd Technician Grade

Max is one of the hardest working members of the team.

He trains fitness and Wing Chun elements every day. With a degree in sport science and numerous other sporting accolades along with kickboxing to support his Wing Chun, there is no stopping him.

Max lives and breathes fitness and training and is available for personal training to help assist other students to reach their fitness and health goals along with their Wing Chun ones.


3rd Technician Grade

Justin is part of the main team for Hastings HQ and Head Instructor for Eastbourne and Bexhill.

His Wing Chun journey began in 1996 with the same organisation Sifu Neil belonged to. After a couple of years, he left traditional Wing Chun behind and experimented with other martial arts (Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan, Muay Thai, Tai Chi Chuan and archery). But he always yearned for Wing Chun and eventually returned.

“Since joining 1066 Wing Chun Schools, I feel I have found my Wing Chun family. Everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive and I don’t believe I would have reached my current level without that strong sense of camaraderie.”


3rd Technician Grade

Tom is part of the main team for the Hastings HQ and Head Instructor for Eastbourne. He is one of the most chilled in the team and loves Wing Chun, training daily since he started!

He says it’s a way of life and training and teaching full-time is his dream. He is teaching his kids the Wing Chun way and recommends all kids come and learn it.

“There is no greater feeling than hanging out and training Wing Chun with the team. The vibe is awesome and is always about helping each other. Doesn’t get better than that!”

Tom spends most time either training and teaching Wing Chun or skating.